The Artificial Paradise

by The Preachers Of Neverland

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The Preachers of Neverland recorded the long lasted 10 track cd "The Artificial Paradise" at H&W Studio with Sonny Mellström (R.I.P) and Rob Wiktorzon in four days and four nights around the clock. It was both darker, heavier and more aggressive than earlier releases and plowed its way into punk rock, metal and industry and it also included a hidden track. For once they allowed themselves to let go of parts of the production to others.
At long last they released it in 1995. Unfortunately, by the time of its release, the band had become sick of its epithet as a gothic rock band to such an extent that they were basically disbanded before its release as well as the fact that they had already recorded it once in 1994. The title "The Artificial Paradise" is said to be a reference to narcotics.


released June 19, 2014



all rights reserved


The Preachers Of Neverland Gothenburg, Sweden

The Preachers of Neverland was a Swedish gothrock band from the nineties. They were often compared to Fields of the Nephilim och The Sisters of Mercy. The Preachers Of Neverland released the 12" maxi "Autoskopia", cd maxi "Incision" and the cd "The Artificial Paradise" before they finally gave up and disbanded in 1995. ... more

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Track Name: The Stratagem (of Taciturn)
You talk me over in utter speach
The verbal haft within your reach

Stab me with your fatuous words
Only speculate in how much it hurts

Will you ever, ever learn?
This is none of your concern
Take your hands off my taciturn

You claim my silence do you wrong
I'll shut my hole, but not for long

A strategy to speak and spell
You wish me deaf and dumb as well

Believe I did the right thing just this once
What was confirming that was your response
Tell me you will
hear me kill
The remains
Hear this preacher say

If you shut up you're alone to chat
and out of the bag here comes the cat

You will never ever learn
This is none of your concern
Take you fucking hands off my taciturn
Track Name: Enbalmada (The Trip)
I see your horror
I see you scare
I see you long gone dead, but
I don't fucking care
You enter oblivion and
I see your face
Yeah, you're into sacriliege
and you are getting crazed,
fucking crazed

It's enbalmada
The body under siege
Then an isolated mind
It's enbalmada

Lay still in your coffin
so we can go on with the show
For any other reason
You wouldn't want to know
We take care of the money
It's up to you to choose
No matter what you point at
you're the one to lose,
fucking lose

The walls can speak
Converse, you see
Using similar expressions
as when you discuss with me
You see all these visions
don't confirm your expectations
Disgusting you, intimidates
Working quite the same with me
Track Name: Autoskopia
Perilious escapades in the dead of the night
Four wheels screaming by the traffic light
A quick incision, a shattered vision
And I'm driving in a tunnel towards a bright light

Blaze away, time to pay your dues

Appreciate and get astonished
Reflecting mirrors get demolished
There's no way around
Fuck that, you don't have to go down

Blaze away, rue the day

We have fulfilled the strangest trip
You got carried away and bit my lip
Had to get back, too cold outside
You have to speak after the ride
What will I hear you say?

Every hidden eye is not diverted
and every truth unsaid is not unknown
Face my eyes, I'll be deserted
or claim it was some fucking show

Maybe you spelt it wrong
Maybe you said it backwards all along
Perhaps you read out loud in the mirror
Fuck that, maybe you just lied
Track Name: Damned If They Do...
Rather show that you are bored
than giving no response at all
Conversations scents of sharing contents
but this monologue will fall, no no

Cannot satisfy an audience
that's hard to please
It's like laughing at ones handkerchief
after a misplaced sneeze

Well, the weather could be fine
If it wasn't for your whining
Now, the pleasure is all mine

Preventing me from talking
and the verbal grounds I'd be stalking
Either way I'll go astray
Don't forbid me from walking

I'd love to give you a kiss
but the time is just not right
You know exactly what you miss
That's why you change your mind in fright

what you're thinking
What can I do, what can I not
The result ends up all the same

Shall I sing this song or shut up and sit down?
On which one will I please
I can laugh at you, cause I know it's true:
Whatever I will do...
Track Name: Thespians
Keep on pretending
Vanish the stitches
for this is not real

What is relieveing?
Is it too real for you?

Inhale the silence
Can darkness kill
or is it what's in it?

What is believing?

Burn my souls
insence for the gods

What is conceiling?
What is too real for you?
What is releasing?
Track Name: Charger
What the fuck do you want?
Is that what you want?
All you know is sex
Does that make you complex?

Intrusion of my world
Gradually make it twirl
But you're shit out of luck,
you harmless fuck and girl:
I'm telling you:

This charger fucks you up
This charger stays on top
This charger tells you when to bleed and why

You think this is a game,
that I'm the one to blame
but I can't let it go
as if I did not know

Leaving stains to shine
of lipstick in the wine
You're tarnished with nicotine, but now
you will never be seen
Track Name: Cyanide Euphoria
You are expected for the gathering
I'll summon your souls for unreasonable goals
You are like ropes on the good year blimp
I'm high enough to get my senses dim

What we heard and saw
doesn't matter after all
Things we did and said
Doesn't matter when we're dead
Cyanide euphoria
Razorblade sensoria

I smile along this lovely fierce
but nothing grins like a pile of skulls
So much to do,
but less to live
Become the things I would possess

Seize them
Decrease them
Congregate their tiny fucking minds
I'll do to them
what I did to myself
and now I'll finally see them pleased
Track Name: Peepshow Creepshow
I condemn lose ends
like books without the last page
who gets killed
and who's already dead?
Blood stains
where tears used to fall
Holes in the sky where there used to be stars
for us to call upon them all

Mine is red
and yours are green
mine is shed upon your scene
If I'm the fire
Then you're the spark
How does it feel to be so small
and still try to conquer it all?

Take my love
Ride above
Above the sky
Take my life

Then wasn't the time to pop those pills, girl
Well, are you comfty now?
Do they make you a tornado
or do you slowly whirl?
Are there any, any left for me?

So fucking scared
So damn possessed
Dismembering pain inside my chest
It's not the heart
and it's not the blood
and it's not some vain, slick fucking god
Track Name: Metamorphine
Been charged with massive fury fast
Received the final clearance no, at last,
Returning down
on your moral ground
Deceptively flat and free from obstacles to rundown

Stop this world,
I wanna get off
Gimme head,
I wanna get off

Large dose of adrenaline to play
Retains the blood of which I smell dismay
and tension
The flesh I sacrifice as foreseen
It's just for me and gods:

So smooth the taste
Back to juvenile waste
There's matter in this cell
Gave birth before I fell
into this artificial paradise

Stop this world,
I wanna get off
I made it spin and now I just can't stop
So give me you fucking head,
I wanna get off
Track Name: Spurn Sinista
Who are you to deny the guilt?
To justify the blood you spilt
or do you wash your hands before the show?

My obligation to protect
and rebuild what you have wrecked
Rejection breeds the hate
and increases while you wait

In your face
Mend your ways
Rub it in and cry forever
Burn sinista, spurn sinista
Facial severing
Burn sinista, spurn sinista

Go on, read your fictious books
Heavens gain to believe in those fucking crooks

Amusing, ridiculous scam
I'm the thing you try to hold in your hand,
but I'll burn your palm and crawl like sand,
you fucking tea strainer

Don't take those pills to keep you sane
You will never grow conscious again

If I was jesus
I'd claim I wrote the book foresaid
If I was Judas
I'd kiss my arse instead

This is just a catalyst
It's just a catalyst
Surely you must know all this
Exchange your outstretched hands for fists